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7 Day Nagoya, Takayama & Hiroshima Tour

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Hiroshima Atomic (A) Bomb Dome (Genbaku Domu)
Single package: $1,660.00pp~
Twin package: $1,490.00pp~
Triple package: $1,240.00pp~

Package includes:

- 7 Day Japan Rail Pass Ordinary

- 2 nights at the Castle Plaza Hotel - Nagoya

- 2 nights at the Hida Hotel Plaza - Takayama inc b/fast

- 2 nights at the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima - Hiroshima

Day 1

Day 1: Arrive in Japan / Nagoya Centrair International Airport

Arrive in Japan
Upon arrival at Central Japan International Airport / Centrair (NGO), you will clear the international arrivals process in the following order: quarantine & immigration, baggage claim, customs inspection and exit to the Arrivals Lobby.

To travel to Nagoya (Station) board the Meitetsu Railway Tokoname Line train service from the airport (JPY 850 / 28min). Your accommodation at the Hotel Castle Plaza in Nagoya is a 5 minute walk from Nagoya Station. Exit from the main Central Exit and head straight along Sakura-Dori, the main road leading from the station, Hotel Castle Plaza is located after the second street on the right.

Historically, Nagoya was a typical castle town of feudal Japan built in the 16th century, whereas today Nagoya is the nation’s forth largest city and one of Japan’s key industrial zones. Traditionally, industry within the city centred on pottery-making. Today, however, the heavy and chemical industries predominate as well as the traditional light industries, producing cars, ships, rolling stock, machinery, plastics, cloisonné, ceramics, timepieces, toys, woodworks, musical instruments, and paper products.

Stay: Hotel Castle Plaza – 1/2

Day 2

Day 2: Nagoya – Hida / Takayama

Hida Folk Village
Activate your 7 Day Japan Rail (JR) Pass at the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Corner (open 10:00am-18:00pm) located at JR Nagoya Station in the Concourse by the Central Ticket Gate.

After breakfast, make your way to JR Nagoya Station and board the Limited Express (Wide View Express) Hida train to JR Takayama Station (2½ hrs). This magnificent train journey through the Japan Alps (often compared to the Alps of Europe) will be one of the highlights of your trip to Japan.

Hida / Takayama is a traditional medieval town located in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture. It is possible to walk across the centre of Hida / Takayama in about 20 minutes, and most of the attractions are concentrated in the old part of town, within minutes of each other. To get to your accommodation at the Hida Hotel Plaza walk past the Hida / Takayama Tourist Information Office (in front of the station) and head north (left) at the station’s main exit for 5 minutes.

Enjoy an afternoon stroll around this museum-like town, dotted with attraction after attraction, including a variety of small museums devoted to traditional crafts embodying the town’s long-standing tradition of the finest craftsmanship. Visit the ‘old private houses’ that lie in the area between Miyagawa River and the famously lush and picturesque Shiroyama Park. This quite residential area is replete with shops selling traditional wares, antique shops Japanese-style inns, sake breweries and restaurants serving local specialities.

Stay: Hida Hotel Plaza – 1/2

Day 3

Day 3: Hida / Takayama

Morning Market, Takayama
An excellent start to the day can be had at the Takayama Jinya Market and the Miyagawa Market. Located on the banks of the Miyagawa River these morning markets are open daily from 7am to noon. Here you will find people from nearby farms selling fresh produce and flowers.

Return to Takayama Station where you can purchase a Hida-no-Sato (Hida Folk Village) discount ticket - 900 yen - (Hida-no-Sato Setto-Ken) which includes a return bus ride (10 minutes each way) and admission to the Hida Folk Village. Here you will find restorations of more than 30 typical old thatched-roofed (gassho-zukuri) houses, relocated here from the various places around the Hida area. The site recreates the atmosphere and scenery of mountain villages of old in a beautiful mountain setting. Here you can try your hand at making candles and senbei (rice crackers). Open 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Stay: Hida Hotel Plaza – 2/2

Day 4

Day 4: Hida / Takayama – Hiroshima

Hiroshima Castle
Following breakfast, board the Limited Express (WideView) Hida train from JR Takayama Station to JR Nagoya Station (2½ hrs). Change trains within the station and board either the Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama bullet train to JR Hiroshima Station. On the way to Hiroshima you need to change trains at either JR Shin Osaka Station or JR Okayama Station (total travel time approx. 3 hrs).

From JR Hiroshima Station, your accommodation at the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima is a 3 minute walk.

Hiroshima was a city left in ashes after the Atomic bomb was dropped. Hiroshima has made a remarkable recovery and has been rebuilt as a modern thriving city. The area which felt the full force of the bomb has been transformed into a Peace Memorial Park with gardens of great beauty and nearly forty memorials to the victims of the atomic explosion. Hiroshima is now known as the ?International City of Peace" dedicated to a total ban on the use of Atomic weapons. A visit to the Peace Memorial Park should be included in every Hiroshima itinerary. To visit the Park, board a tram in front of Hiroshima Station and get off at Genbaku Domu-Mae (Atomic Bomb Dome) stop (cost 150 yen - 15 min.).

Using your tour map, visit a number of exhibits including the Atomic Bomb Dome: Positioned below the epicentre, this skeleton of melted steel and concrete has been left as it was after the bomb was dropped. It stands as a stark reminder of the city's August 6, 1945 bombing

The highlight of the Park is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. This state of the art museum focuses on Hiroshima both before and after the explosion. It also tells the story of Hiroshima?s rapid rebuild into the beautiful city it is today.

On the way back to station, make sure you visit Hiroshima Castle. This castle was first built in 1589 until its destruction in 1945. Having been rebuilt in all its glory, it is now used to exhibit historic artefacts from Japan?s feudal past.

Stay: Hotel Granvia Hiroshima - 1/2

Day 5

Day 5: Hiroshima / Miyajima Island / Hiroshima

Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Island
Enjoy a day of exploration upon the sacred earth of Miyajima Island (Shrine Island).

From Hiroshima Station board the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi Station (26 min). Miyajima is reached by JR ferryboat (10 min / using your JR Pass) from Miyajimaguchi Pier, a few minutes walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station.

The entire 30 sq. km. island is designated by the Japanese government as a Special Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty. The must see Itsukushima Shrine, built in the sixth century, is dedicated to the maritime guardian goddesses. The shrine buildings are connected by corridors which stretch out over the water giving it the appearance of floating on the sea at high tide. The giant red wooden O-Torii (Grand Gate) is the most noted symbol of Miyajima.

Be sure to take the 1.7km ropeway (¥1800 round trip) to Mount Misen’s summit to absorb one of the three most spectacular panoramic views in Japan. Keep your eye on the summit’s mischievous monkeys before descending on a peaceful walk through the ancient forest.

Return to Hiroshima early evening to feast upon the city’s popular delicacy Okonomiyaki – a savoury, layered noodle pancake cooked on an iron hotplate at your table. The locals are very proud of their contribution to Japanese cuisine!

Stay: Hotel Granvia Hiroshima - 2/2

Day 6

Day 6: Hiroshima - Nagoya

Nagoya Castle
Spend your last morning in Hiroshima completing any further sightseeing.

In the afternoon, collect your stored luggage and return to JR Hiroshima Station. From Hiroshima Station, board the Shinkansen Hikari bullet train to JR Nagoya Station (3 hrs). You will need to change trains at either JR Okayama Station or JR Shin Osaka Station on your way to Nagoya.

Your accommodation at the Hotel Castle Plaza in Nagoya is a 5 minute walk from Nagoya Station. Exit from the main Central Exit and head straight along Sakura-Dori, the main road leading from the station, Hotel Castle Plaza is located after the second street on the right.

Stay: Hotel Castle Plaza - 1/2

Day 7

Day 7: Depart Japan / Nagoya - Central Japan International Airport Centrair

Depart Japan
Check out of the hotel and leave your luggage at the porter's desk to continue your sightseeing.

Spend the morning at Nagoya Castle (JPY500 / open 9:30am-4:30pm) where you can view five floors of antique exhibits that tell the fascinating story of Nagoya. Nagoya Castle is conveniently reached from Nagoya Station by complimentary shuttle bus. The castle was built in 1612 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the then-Shogun of the Edo government, and burnt down in 1945 during the World War II air raids it was rebuilt in 1959 as a reinforced concrete building with seven stories above ground and a basement. Since then, it has continued to be a beautiful symbol of Nagoya.

Surrounding the castle is Meijo Park; this scenic park contains a variety of flowers that bloom in different seasons, and is a popular walking place for local residents. To the east of Nagoya Castle is a part of the town that retains the atmosphere of the seventeenth century mansions and warehouses that still stand there.

Return to your accommodation to collect your stored luggage. From Nagoya Station board the Meitetsu Railway Tokoname Line train service to the Central Japan International Airport Centrair (JPY850 yen / approx. 28min).

Be sure to check in for your scheduled flight at least 2 hours prior to its departure.

Japan Package Tours will be happy to prepare you a personalised itinerary to suit your budget and preferences. Contact us now for a no-obligation quotation.

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