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Tours commencing from Tokyo


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Tours commencing from Kyoto

Japan Holiday Tours - Tokyo MorningTour

1. Tokyo Tower - City panorama view observation platform
2. Meiji Shrine - Finest Japanese shrine architecture
3. Akasaka Guest House - Magnificent Western-style palace
4. National Diet Building (Drive by) - Japanese Capitol / House of Parliament
5. Imperial Palace East Garden - Pleasant walk of historical interest & scenic beauty
6. Ginza Shopping District - Stoll at Ginza area

08:00a.m. approximate hotel collection time.

Return:1:00p.m. Tour disbands in the Ginza shopping district.

Cost: AUD$65 (Adult)
Cost: AUD$50 (Child: 6-11 years)

Notes: English-speaking guide service is included. Tour operated for minimum of 1 person.

Kaminarimon Gate (Asakusa)

Sunrise Tours - Kyoto Morning Guided Tour

1. Nijo Castle - was built by the Tokugawa shogun in 1603 and features the specially constructed nightingale floor to warn of approaching visitors
2. Golden Pavillion (Kinkakuji) - an exact replica of the 15 century villa of a court noble. Kinkakuji was built and garden laid out in 1394.
3. Kyoto Imperial Palace - is famous for its elegant simplicity and served as the Emperors palace until the capital was moved to Tokyo (1867)

08:00a.m.-08:45a.m. approximate hotel collection time.

Return: Tour disbands at Kyoto Station at approx. 12:30 p.m.

Cost: AUD$75 Adult
Cost: AUD$65 (Child: 6-11 years)

Notes: English-speaking guide service is included. Tour operated for minimum of 1 person.
Itinerary is subject to change without notice.
You are required to fill out a form (your name, sex, age & nationality) when you enter Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji)

Nikko World Heritage 1-Day Tour

1. Deluxe motorcoach drive to Nikko (100 minutes)
2. Nikko Toshogu Shrine - Marvel at the ornate architecture of this famous World Heritage site. Tour includes viewing of Yomei Gate and the Main Hall.
3. Japanese-style lunch at a local restaurant
4. Tamozawa Imperial Villa* - This fascinating villa, which is also a National Cultural Treasure, features architecture that spans three different periods -- Edo, Meiji, and Taisho -- as well as a beautiful garden.
5. Kirifuki Falls- Beautiful Kirifuri Falls is one of Nikko\\\\\\\'s three famous waterfalls.
6. Deluxe motorcoach return to Tokyo (Shinjuku / Ginza)

Pick-up service available from hotels (approx. at 08:00am)

Return: Tour disbands on arrival at Shinjuku or Ginza (ato 19:00 - 20:00).
(Tour guide will tell you how to return to your hotel.)

Cost: AUD$190 (Adult)
Cost: AUD$ 95 (Child 6-11 years)

Notes: *On Tuesdays, the Tamozawa Imperial Villa is closed, so the tour will instead visit Rinnoji Temple\\\\\\\'s Treasure Hall, which houses over 1200 years of Nikko history, and Shoyo-en, a peaceful Japanese garden.

English-speaking guide service is included. Tour operated for minimum of 1 person.
Japanese-style lunch included.
We recommend wearing / bringing warm clothing during autumn and winter.

Sunrise Tours - Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Japan Holiday Tours - Tokyo Afternoon Tour

1. Hama Rikyu Garden This garden is a typical Daimyo (Japanese fuedal lord) garden in the Edo period with a tidal pond
2. Sumida River Cruise Enjoy a boat ride from the Port of Tokyo, Hinode Pier to Asakusa and see a harmonious blend of old and new Tokyo
3. Asakusa Kannon Temple & Nakamise Shopping Street Famous cultural landmark in Tokyo. Walk down an attractive shopping street called Nakamise leading to one of the finest Buddhist temples in Japan.
4. Kappabashi (Drive through)
5. Ueno and Akihabara (Drive through) Return service is included

1:00p.m. approximate hotel collection time.

Return: approximately 6:00p.m.

Cost: AUD$65 (Adult)
Cost: AUD$50(Child: 6-11 years).


Sumida River Cruise

Japan Holiday Tours - Mt. Fuji & Hakone Full Day Tour

1. Tomei Expressway - Fuji Sky Line - 5th Station
Enjoy scenery of rural Japan driving along to Mt. Fuji and panoramic view from the 5th station
2. Lunch at Hakone Lake HotelGrilled Chicken Lunch
3. Hakone Sky Gondola Enjoy the natural view of Hakone from the Sky Gondola
4. Owakudani Boiling Valley
Ancient crater where you can smell sulfurous fume and see clouds of steam rise from crevasses. Why not try a black coloured eggs boiled in sulfurous hot spring water
5. Pirate Boat Cruise on Lake Ashi
Cruising across the peaceful Lake Ashi, enjoying the picturesque and serene natural beauty of the crater lake
6. Return to Tokyo

(B) Return by Motorcoach: Return service is available to the hotel where you were picked - up

(B) Return by bullet train (shinkansen) from Odawara to Tokyo:
The tour disbands upon arrival at Tokyo Station.

08:30a.m. approximate hotel collection time.
JR or subway train may be used for pick-up services depending on rush hour traffic conditions.

Return: 7:30p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Please see (#7) above for return trip details.

Cost: (A) AUD$215 (Adult) AUD$105 (Child 6-11 years) Lunch included. Return by Shinkansen bullet train
Cost: (B) AUD$175 (Adult) AUD$85 (Child 6-11 years) Lunch included. Return by deluxe motorcoach

Notes: English-speaking guide service is included. Tour operated for minimum of 1 person.
At Mt.Fuji, you will drive up to 4,500 feet from winter to the middle of spring (due to road closures) and some weekends when heavy traffic is expected.
It may be necessary to change part of the itinerary, depending on weather and / or heavy traffic conditions.

Lake Ashi View of Mt. Fuji

Sunrise Tours - Kyoto Afternoon Guided Tour

1. Heian Shrine - constructed in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto, this is a scaled-down replica of the first Imperial Palace in Kyoto (794AD). The rear garden is outstanding.
2. Sanjusangendo - is a national treasure with 1,030 standing Buddhist statues in its main hall. The temple takes its names from the 33 spaces between pillars in front of the main altar.
3. Kiyomizu Temple - 15 stories high and built without the use of any nails, a superb view of the City is possible in the many halls a the temples top level.

1:10p.m.-1:40p.m. approximate hotel collection time. Daily (Jan.5-Dec.29)

Return: 5:20p.m.-6:30p.m. Drop-off service to major hotels in Kyoto.

Cost: AUD$75 Adult
Cost: AUD$60 (Child: 6 -11 years)

Notes: English-speaking guide service is included. Tour operated for minimum of 1 person.
Itinerary is subject to change without notice.

Kiyomizudera Temple

Sunrise Tours - Kyoto Maiko Dinner

1. Enjoy the traditional dances of the maiko! (apprentice geisha)
2. Enjoy a commemorative photo with the maiko and show your friends
3. Savor a traditional Japanese meal with tempura on a traditional Japanese personal dining table!

Approximately 5.30pm depending on your hotel.
Duration is approximately 2 hours

Return: 7:30p.m.-8:30p.m. Drop-off service to major hotels in Kyoto.

Cost: AUD$140.00 Adult and Child

After enjoying a delicious Japanese dinner, have a peek into traditional Japanese culture with a maiko apprentice geisha performance. You will even have time to take pictures and chat with the performers.

Traditional Japanese Maiko Dance

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